• 13 Mar


    New major release

    A new release after years without one!
    A lot of changes happened on the underlying plugin frameworks (DPF and Juce).
    We also updated the way updates are handled, so it will be less work for next time
    (and thus, hopefully, have updates more often from now on)

    The amount of changes in the plugin frameworks is so big (it has been 4 years since last release!),
    that we are not going to write about them in detail.
    But the major highlights follow below.

    The following new Linux ports were added: (LV2 and VST)
    - JuceOPL
    - ReFine

    The DPF-based plugins had some changes too:
    - glBars added
    - Kars added
    - ndc-Plugs added
    - A new DPF-Plugins git repo was created, for easy packaging of all our plugins
    - MAX gen~ based plugins can be created, see this link

    Since last release, a few projects have appeared that use DPF. Here's a few:
    - FTZ Chiptune - Collection of basic waveform synths
    - Ninjas - Sample Slicing Plugin
    - Wolf-Shaper - Waveshaper with graph editor
    - ZamAudio plugin collection
    - ZynAddSubFX, uses DPF for its plugin support

    Other small changes relevant to the project:
    - Nekobi moved to plugins (used to be in ports), as original developer is happy with it
       (and has RW access to our git repo too)
    - The DPF "framework" has evolved with JACK Standalone export, Transport sync among other things

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  • 26 Aug


    New plugins and minor fixing

    In this release we bring 4 new Linux plugin ports:
    - EasySSP
    - LUFS Meter
    - Luftikus
    - Stereo Source Separator

    The DPF-based plugins also had some minor fixes:
    - 3BandEQ/Splitter had its sliders inverted, now fixed
    - ProM now has pre-compiled linux binaries; UI can be resized by using - and + keys
    - MVerb knobs order has been fixed
    - Allow to open UI in LV2 hosts that don't support options feature (Ingen)
    - Workaround for some VST hosts that don't set sample rate during init (Ardour3 and energyXT)

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  • 16 July


    New release pack (2014-07-16)

    In this release we cleaned up all the plugins, added new ones and removed those that we not considered good enough.
    Standalones are no longer available. Highlife was removed as a requested by its authors.

    The plugins we added to Ports are:
    - Dexed
    - KlangFalter
    - MVerb
    - Nekobi
    - Obxd
    - PitchedDelay

    Additionally we made a new plugin - ProM - a music visualizer as audio plugin based on projectm.

    Comments and discussion

  • 18 May


    New release pack (2012-05-18)

    We just released our very first audio plugins (3BandEQ/Splitter and PingPongPan), and added a few more Linux ports (dRowAudio Plugins, Juced Plugins, Highlife and more!).
    This release brings LV2 support for all plugins.

    Comments and discussion

  • 07 Oct


    Updated Linux ports, and added a few more

    We just updated all our available plugins/ports (so far only the TAL and Arctican ports), so they can work on older systems.
    Previously they were built with "-march=native", making them unusable on older machines.
    Now all plugins are compiled with "-mtune=generic -msse", using gcc-4.4.
    If the previous versions were working for you, don't bother downloading the new zip files.

    We added a few more Linux ports, and some already made Linux VSTs, just for convenience.
    The plugins we added to Ports are:
    - Argotlunar
    - HybridReverb2
    - Juce Pitcher
    - midilfo (Standalone only)
    - sDelay
    - sorollet (VST only)
    - Wolpertiner

  • 13 Sept


    Standalone versions

    Standalone versions of the Arctican and TAL Plugins ports are now available.
    They are useful if your favourite host does not support VST plugins yet.
    They are also useful for packaging into distributions because they don't require any restricted code to build (like the VST-SDK).
    These standalone versions can work with ALSA or JACK.

  • 13 Sept


    Arctican Plugins - Linux Port

    These simple but useful plugins were ported to Linux, now available to download for both 32bit and 64bit systems.
    In the pack you will find Arctican "The Function" and "The Pilgrim".

  • 07 Sept


    TAL Plugins - Linux Port

    This is our just job, and we're very excited about it.
    The awesome TAL plugins (those who use the Juce toolkit) were compiled for Linux, both in 32bit and 64bit form.
    In the pack you will find TAL Dub 3, Filter 1 & 2, Reverb 1 & 2& 3, Vocoder 2 and NoiseMaker.

  • 05 Sept


    Website online

    The DISTRHO website is now online. It's based on a simple and free HTML5 template from TemplateMonster.com.
    The overall look of the website might change during our first days, but after a few plugins get released, it should be all set.
    We're alive and here to rock your world!

  • 27 Apr


    SourceForge project created

    The name came out of an IRC conversation, where everyone was shouting out names for this new project.
    The 'DISTRHO' name was picked, and the project was created just a few days later.
    You can go to the project page by clicking here.